It all began with my enthusiasm for linux-based embedded devices. A common case during development is to overwrite the whole system image, and thereby destroying any SSH host keys generated during first boot of the device.

At the first SSH login attempt to the freshly installed system, one receives the obligatory warning about the changed host identification. This is normal and expected, but that doesn't make it less annoying to delete the old key from one's own known_hosts file over and over again.

In order to overcome my annoyance (and adding a little more robustness to the standard way via ssh-keygen -R hostname) I have written this little shell script. Actually, it has proven to do it's job just perfectly, which is why I won't detain others from using it as well.

Download available via sourceforge, see the contained README for more information. For the venturous, there is also some GIT repository available via git://unssh.git.sf.net/gitroot/unssh/unssh.

This is how it goes: